Tourist Destinations in Malang You Can Visit while on vacation

20/01/2020 Tour Packages Admin
Tourist Destinations in Malang You Can Visit while on vacation

Malang is famous as a tourist city in East Java. There are many Malang tourist attractions that you can visit while on vacation in Malang.The natural beauty of Malang City is very beautiful. You can see mountains with beautiful panoramas, exotic beaches, lush forests with cool air here.


1. Museum Angkut
       It can be said that Malang has a fairly complete tourist destination, not only presents the famous natural and culinary tourism destinations. This is based on the historical appeal that Malang has where Malang was once a center of civilization since prehistoric times. No wonder if in the City of Apples there are many museums that can be visited, one of which is the Museum Angkut.

2. Jatim Park
      As one of the tourist destinations in East Java, Malang also presents an amusement park that must be visited when visiting this Apple City. The amusement park is called Jatim Park. The playground has a fairly large size and is predicted as the coolest amusement park in Indonesia because of international standards.Because the area is very wide making Jatim Park is divided into two areas, namely Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2. Not infrequently this amusement park will always be crowded with travelers , therefore it is highly recommended to come to this amusement park on weekdays .  

3. Balekambang Beach
      Malang in fact not only presents the panoramic beauty of Mount Maupu plateau. In Malang you can also enjoy the beauty of the southern coastal area which is certainly beautiful and no less beautiful than Bali. What distinguishes the beach in Bali from the beach in Malang is the magnitude of the waves where the beaches in Malang tend to have large waves. That is because its location is directly facing the ocean.One of the beach destinations in Malang that must be visited is Balekambang beach. This beach has a cursory shape similar to Bali, precisely the Tanah Lot attraction where on the beach there are temples on a small island adjacent to the coast. The temple is called Amerta Jati Temple and stands on an island called Ismoyo Island.

4. Mount Semeru, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
      One of the attractions of the journey to the top of Mahameru is the climb of love that will be taken after passing Ranu Kumbolo. It is said that if you manage to walk without stopping and without looking back you will find true love.The next area to be discovered is the Oro-oro Ombo field that presents the beauty of the Edelweiss flower which is said to be a symbol of eternity. Not only that, in this area you can also find Verbana Barisliensis Vell flowers, shaped like Lavender flowers which are usually only found in Indonesia.Mount Semeru is one of the active volcanoes, so staying overnight at the top of the mountain is highly discouraged because there is a deadly poisonous gas that leaves in the afternoon.To be able to conquer Mahameru, hikers can stay one night in Kalimati and start climbing at 2 in the morning with a state of complete darkness. At this final stage you have to be very careful because it often happens falling large rocks which would endanger the lives of climbers.

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