The Most Beautiful Coast in Yogyakarta

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The Most Beautiful Coast in Yogyakarta


The Most Beautiful Coast in Yogyakarta To Get A More Exciting Vacation

Yogyakarta's natural beauty can conjure anyone to come to enjoy every inch of it. There are many things that you can find when to visit Yogyakarta. Not only Malioboro and Yogyakarta Palace, more than that, Yogyakarta also keeps the natural beauty that is very riveting. Especially you fans of beach tourism can enjoy the exotic natural holidays that exist in the earth of Yogyakarta.

There are many beautiful beach resorts in Yogyakarta that should be your vacation destination. There is a tour experience that is very beautiful and second to none will be found. Here are the most beautiful beach resorts in Yogyakarta that are recommended to be your vacation destination. Get the best travel experience here!

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Yogyakarta You Must Visit :

1. Indrayanti Beach Tourism
    Indrayanti Beach or also called Pulang Syawal Beach is a beautiful beach in Yogyakarta that offers a view of a vast stretch of white sand stretching from east to west.Indrayanti Beach also includes a very clean beach with a variety of complete public facilities available here. There is also a watersport arena, lodging and gazebo that can be used to relax by the visitors. Indrayanti Beach you can easily find its location via GPS and along the road there are signposts of directions that you can follow. Indrayanti Beach tourist attractions are located in the District of Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.


2. Pok Tunggal Beach Tourism
    The trip to the Pok Tunggal Beach tour is indeed rather difficult. This is also due to the access road to the steep Pok Tunggal Beach. However, all your fatigue will be paid off perfectly because later you will get the most beautiful paradise scenery.Regarding the cost of retribution to enter the Pok Tunggal Beach in the amount of 10 thousand rupiah. You can enjoy the enchanting view of Pok Tunggal Beach to your heart's content. At Pok Tunggal Beach, you will find a vast expanse of white sand with a soothing charm. There is also a large duras tree that grows in the middle of a stretch of white sand and is one of the unique characteristics of this beach tour. Because of the uniqueness of the duras tree which is considered sacred by these residents, many wedding couples also take prewedding photos here in the end.


3. Parangtritis Beach Tourism
   Parangtritis Beach has been equipped with mystical stories about Nyi Roro Kidul. But behind the myth, there is a charm of a very beautiful view on Parangtritis Beach. Mainly when you witness the natural charm on Parangtritis Beach when the sun is about to leave or will come looming. A very exotic twilight atmosphere can be the best  silhouette photo that you can shoot at Parangtritis Beach. If you travel on Parangtritis Beach, there are many tourist activities that you can do from walking down the beach, playing kites to hiring an ATV you can do it here.

4. Wediombo Beach Tourism
    If you not only want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, but also want to enjoy the sensation of swimming in the pool, you can come to Wediombo Beach. This beach  has a coral pool with very clear and calm water. In addition, the charm of the cliff is also a favorite spot for anglers to come to this tourist spot.


5. Glagah Beach Tourism
   In the Kulon Progo area, there is a tourist beach that is now being hit. The beach is Glagah Beach. You will find the end of the jetty filled with piles of rock as a breakwater which is also often a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures. In addition you will also find other attractions in the form of a very beautiful beach lagoon if you come here.

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