Interesting places that you can visit while on vacation in Bromo

20/01/2020 Tour Packages Admin
Interesting places that you can visit while on vacation in Bromo

   Mount Bromo is a great natural tourist attraction in Indonesia, and also as a destination for those of you who love to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains with incomparable beauty. Mountain located in the province of East Java, Indonesia does have a beauty that is no doubt.


1. Bromo Crater
    In addition to witnessing the beauty of the sunrise, there is another beauty that tourists have been waiting for, the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo. Here you will be spoiled by the beauty of Bromo crater which is so charming. But to be able to see it from a closer distance, visitors must be willing to walk about 2 km from the parking area. Not to mention, there are still hundreds of steps that you must conquer. But if you feel lazy to climb the stairs here or feel not strong, you can choose to ride a horse while enjoying the beauty around it.


2. Hotter Sand
    Before reaching the crater of Mount Bromo, you will be greeted with a vast expanse of sand. This stretch of sand is called whisper sand. This area is quite wide, visitors can easily take the best place for photos. In addition, in this sand you can also enjoy other activities, such as riding a trilight motorcycle, riding a horse, and much more. Its location is to the east of the peak of Bromo.


3. Kingkong Hill Kingkong
    The hill is one of the places that is often used to see the beauty of the sunrise at Bromo. The place is not far from climbing 1, the distance is only 2.5 km. Although an alternative to seeing the sun rise, but this place is very popular among tourists. So to be able to watch the beauty of the sunrise you must be willing to jostle with other tourists who both want to watch the beauty of the sun rise from this hill.


4. Bromo Teletabis Hill
    The name of the Bromo teletabis hill may be familiar to you. Even Bromo attractions are a favorite place for tourists. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo with a row of green hills. this area is also the best photo place. This hill is filled with beautiful green grass. Even the grass here is very awake so it looks very neat. So, when visiting the Bromo Tengger area, then don't miss to visit here.


5. Ngadisari Village
    There is one more village that is no less interesting. The village named Ngadisari is almost the same as Ngedas Village, where the inhabitants are descended from the Tengger tribe. Besides being able to enjoy the traditions of the locals, you can also mingle directly with them in this village. Don't be afraid, people in the villages of Ngadas and Ngadisari are generally very friendly with foreign residents or tourists who come here on purpose.Besides being able to get to know and mingle with them, you can also enjoy the natural beauty in this village. The village also provides several facilities such as lodging, restaurants, public toilets, and more.

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